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Introducing the world's simplest video blogging app

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As you travel, you capture some great moments from the world around you. Then you have to edit.

But editing is a chore. We get that. Video clips on your phone, hard disks full of great content, keywording to do, pitching to sponsors to worry about.....

This is where Vloggi comes in. It's the world's simplest vlogging platform that takes care of the editing, the captioning and the monetisation.

How it works

Every Vloggi is a 10-second self contained video blog that combines video with a caption and location data. 

Remix your own travel tale by capturing, captioning and curating your Vloggi content.


1. Make a 10-second Vloggi

A Vloggi is a 10-second video blog made up of a series of clips. The app combines the clips and adds your caption and location. The result is a self-contained micro-blog perfect for social media.  There is no editing required. 

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2. Create a playlist of Vloggis

Group your Vloggis together by location, theme or trip. Combine yours with your friends' Vloggis. Our system then stitches them together into a short film. There is no limit to the number of playlists you can create and there is no editing required

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3. Publish your work

Use the free share options to post Vloggis to your social media channels or embed into your own blog page. You can also pay a small fee to download the file. Better still, if you promote the Vloggi to the businesses featured, you'll get paid when they license your Vloggis or playlists. 

About Vloggi

Vloggi is the world's simplest video blog platform.

It harnesses the power and reach of the world's 2 billion smartphones, allowing the creation of content quickly and easily.

Our users, or vloggers, capture small snippets of the places they visit and things they do. We call these video vignettes Vloggis. 

Better Together

Vloggis are self-contained 10-second video blogs.

Combine them into themed playlists of your trip, your sponsor or your brand.

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One button record

The Vloggi camera has been stripped back to one simple button. 

Press it once to film your first clip.

Press it again to stop. 

Once you reach 10 seconds, your time's up.


Three ways to make money from your video blogs

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Respond to paid assignments

We've added paid assignments that we call Vlog Ops into the app.

Destinations, travel businesses or niche interest groups can post up micro vlog briefs, which we then match to the location of vloggers. 

Multiple paid assignments can be filmed by each vlogger.

Browse Vlog Ops near you or wait for a notification alerting you of paid assignments. 

Enter content contests

Destinations or travel brands can post up competitions for the best Vloggis for a specified brief. 

Competitions can include a guaranteed number of licensed pieces, a total prize pool or other non-cash incentives. 

The rules and winners are at the clients' discretion. 

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Licence fees

Every Vloggi and playlist created using the app is licensed for re-use. 

We market your Vloggis and playlists on your behalf and split the royalties we collect from clients with the vlogger 50-50.

Even if you are making Vloggis for your own personal blog, if the content is re-used, we'll pay you.

Every single time it's licensed.

So you can sit back and wait for the sweet beep of PayPal.


The average attention span for video is under 10 seconds.

Our Vloggis are perfectly formatted snackable content.

On-screen captions are embedded for silent viewing. 

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Contact Us

We'd love to hear from Vloggers about their travel plans, their wanderlust and how they use video in their work.

We're also working on version 2 of the app (and an Android version), so we'd love any feedback you can give. 

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